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Stacking Acorns is a personal finance website for women by women. We help mid-life women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing and other streams of passive income.

Our articles are full of easy to understand lessons you can use to make money on your own terms.

Learn how to start investing in real estate to achieve passive income that will allow you to retire, travel, and live a life of freedom. Once you know the steps, it’s easy to do. And we can show you how to do it!

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Our Founder:

Hi, I’m Erika Finn, the creator of Stacking Acorns. I am a stay-at-home mom turned full-time real estate investor and blogger. I homeschool my five children, and have grown my rental portfolio to over 300 units in just over two years!

My interest in real estate started with a simple duplex I bought for $55k, and it cash-flowed from day one. I began to scale and buy apartment complexes, which has allowed me to grow my portfolio into a wealth machine.

I also have experience investing in tax liens, tax deeds, short term rentals (aka Airbnb) and Section 8 (HUD) properties. I have learned the ins and outs of all kinds of real estate, and want to share my knowledge to help you grow your own financial wealth.

I am a licensed attorney. I graduated from law school at University of California – Berkeley in 2006, and have been interested in real estate law since the start of my legal career.

I also hold an active real estate license, which I use to find off-market properties and save on commissions!

In addition to real estate investing, I have diversified into other “passive income” streams, including a portfolio of seven affiliate blogs and a library of 65 published books.

This blog, Stacking Acorns, is my experiment with being transparent about how I’ve grown my wealth. I first started it as a general personal finance site, but quickly realized that I wanted to share my knowledge with women like myself – women in mid-life who have spent the last decade or two raising children, putting off their own dreams and ambitions for the benefit of their families.

I am a mid-40s woman who wants to do big things with my life! What about you?

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Disclaimer: No Individual Investment Advice

*Stacking Acorns does not give investment or financial advice. The material on our site is for informational and educational purposes only. We are not financial advisors, and nothing on this site should be construed as financial advice.

We cannot predict the future, and none of the information on our site should be taken as a guarantee of success or profit. Always consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.